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Economic Indicators

Economic Indicators


Economic Indicators are statistical data on the performance of the economy; they can be extremely helpful in predicting the direction of stock prices and the economy.

Lagging Indicators reflect the economy’s historical performance and changes are only identified after an economic trend or pattern has been already established. Historical data my not accurately predict future stock prices. However, the changing data trends, over time, are important to understand. The direction of the changes in lagging indicators can help predict future economic levels and stock prices.

Leading Indicators often change prior to large economic adjustments, and as such can be used to predict future trends. Leading economic indicators predict the next phase of the business cycle.


Leading Indicators

Manufacturing Activity

Industrial Production

Inventory Levels

Retail Sales

Building Permits

Housing Starts

Level of New Business Start-ups

The Cass Freight Index

Baltic Dry Index


Lagging Indicators

GDP (gross domestic product)


CPI (consumer price index)

Money Supply

CCI (consumer confidence index)

PPI (producer price index)

Income and wages

Currency Strength

Interest Rates

Corporate Profits

Balance of Trade

Value of Commodity Substitutes

Quantitative Easing

Negative Interest Rates


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