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2004 Stock Ideas

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2003 was the classic scenario of the Presidential Election Year Cycle Theory, in which the third year of a presidentís first term is an up year for the stock market. As of December 2003 the "easy money" had already been made in the market. Iím expecting 2004 to be a very challenging year for the market, with stock values only increasing in selective issues. My investment strategy for 2004 is to invest in large cap turnaround stocks, mostly selling for under $10.00 per share. This approach gives one the potential to benefit from an improvement in the companyís fundamentals, and / or a general improvement in the economy. I chose this strategy because many of the higher quality stocks are already fairly valued.

Below are my ideas for 2004::

Stock Ideas Industry Price Risk Rating
Raytheon (RTN) Defense 29.86 B
AT&T Wireless (AWE) Comm. 8.08 B
El Paso (EP) Energy 8.3 D
LSI Logic (LSI) Technology 8.95 B
Alstom (ALS) Industrial 1.65 D
Scor (SCO) Insurance 1.56 D

The one security that I liked but left off the list is Lucent Technologies (LU), trading at $3.28. Itís a very high priced stock, but with promising long-term potential. I need to see at least one more positive quarter before making a decision on the stock. Additionally, Lucent did not explain their company and products well in their 2003 annual report, which might hold back their stock price in 2004.

Additionally, I personally have a position in all of the stocks mentioned above.


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