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Every income oriented investor should be knowledgeable of Treasury Direct. It’s electronic direct investing with the government. They have a whole menu of products ranging from Series EE and I Bonds to Treasury Bills, Notes and Bonds. Rates, Terms, Conditions, and Fees are all disclosed. Go to www.treasurydirect.gov it’s worth the education. For example,  I Bonds yield 6.73% through April 2006; that’s a fair rate for a risk free, inflation adjusted product.

Internotes are another avenue for investors seeking higher yields. They are investment grade, unsecured, corporate debt securities, issued by companies such as: CIT, GE Capital, and Bank of America. They are sold through brokerage firms to individual investors. Internotes are called “bonds made simple”. Their website www.internotes.com has descriptions of their product offerings, credit ratings and approximate yields, as well as an ingenious bond laddering feature, that is available to guest users. For more information call Jim Schaberg at 1-800-289-6689.

For investors interested in higher yields than the government offerings; become familiar with David Lerner Associates. They have a broad range of income producing products. Their website is www.davidlerner.com or call Darren Kraeuter at 1-800-677-5155.

Investors interested in annuities may find www.immediateannuities.com to be of value. They have a calculator that estimates how much income an annuity might generate.

Interested in how the current social security reform will effect your monthly retirement payments?  The following websites may be of interest, they also have very good benefit calculators:

Need tax or financial planning assistance? Click below to contact to the pros at American Express:

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Interested in Real Estate Foreclosures?  The following website may be of value:   Profit from Foreclosures!

Regarding Wills & Estate Planning: The New Jersey State Bar Foundation has excellent free seminars that I highly recommend. I bet all the other states have similar free public education programs. The telephone number in NJ is 1-800 FREE LAW. A big part of estate planning is: Are your assets titled correctly to properly utilize federal and state exemption amounts? The current federal individual estate lifetime exemption is at $1.5m (So a husband & wife would have a lifetime exemption of $3m. The tax rate is so severe that an estate attorney is needed maximize the cash flow going to your heirs.)  The federal lifetime exemption increases as follows:

2006   $2M - Top Rate 46%
2007   $2M - Top Rate 45%
2008   $2M - Top Rate 45%
2009   $3.5M - Top Rate 45%
2010   Estate Tax Repealed
2011   $1M Exemption Restored - Top Rate 55%

The State amounts are much less. Look, our budget is out of control, don't expect these taxes to be repealed in 2010. The American Bar Association also has a good public information website at http://www.abanet.org/rppt/public/home.html. I think most of the "professionals" are missing the main point of estate planning. Everyone is looking at how to avoid pay taxes which they should be doing. They are also looking at your cash flow needs and the amount of cash your assets are generating. This is also extremely necessary. However, few are discussing individual investments. Avoiding taxes, setting up trusts, buying insurance, and generating a proper cash flow is boiler plate stuff. However, I hope everyone realizes that if your individual investments don't make money your "portfolio" won't either.

Need to repair your credit rating & report? (P.S. Don't get sick over credit issues it's a very common problem.) Get professional help on your side. Try:  Lexington Law - Credit Report Repair

As the population ages disability and all its ramifications is now a major issue. If you need advice on disability issues, Disability Lawyers. com is an excellent source. Good Luck - Joe



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