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The ground rules for this stock questions web page are listed below:

I donít mind answering questions as long as the questioner understands that Iím not an investment advisor and any comments presented here or anywhere on this website are ideas and not recommendations.

Second, the questioner has read and agrees with all the conditions in the risks, uncertainties and disclosures section of this website.

Third, going forward my responses will only be posted to my website. I'm no longer providing private e-mail responses. If you have a time sensitive question I will try to accommodate you very quickly.

Fourth, I would appreciate any investment ideas that I can share with my readers.

If you are located in northern N.J. I'm also offering private (or group) tutoring lessons on investing. The cost would be based on an agreed hourly rate, instructions can be individually tailored. Similar to piano or karate lessons. I'm not sure if long distance, over the telephone, instructions would work. It may.

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