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Time Value of Money

Time Value of Money

 - Introduction
 - Time Value Tables
 - Introducing the HP12C
 - Tricks to Watch out for 



Tricks to Watch Out For

When dealing with financial products, discuss the products in finance terms. What is the cost? What are the terms of the contract? What is the rate you are receiving or paying? Does cash exchange hands upfront or at the end? Can rates and terms change? Watch out when companies sell the payment amount; i.e. the monthly car payment, the copier lease payment, the monthly mortgage payment, your monthly annuity payment. Stop here! This is one of the techniques used by companies to avoid disclosing the true costs. Remember “the devil is in the details.” By selling products using rate factors or absolute payments, true financing costs are subtly built into the purchase price. The salesperson is selling the affordability of the payment and not the cost of the product. That can also work in your favor; my point, is that understanding Time Value concepts can help one make sound decisions.

When dealing with money and investing, thoroughly understanding the time value of money is a must know topic.  There’s a huge benefit from starting to invest early in life; try not to miss the opportunity. There are ways to catch up, but building assets gets harder as time passes.


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