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The Different Phases of an Annuity

1.      The accumulation phase is when the premiums are being paid and the value of the policy is growing, either at a fixed or variable rate of interest.

2.      The payout phase occurs when the payments are being made to the annuity holder. Policy holders can be paid a lump sum, periodic payments (when you need the money), systematic payments, or systematic payments for your life (annuitization), or the longer of either your life or your spouse’s life. Payments can also be fixed or variable. Death benefits and nursing home payouts are also available. Be careful! Annuitizing an annuity (an oxymoron, if you think about it) can be an irrevocable transaction.

Review the following topics for more information on annuities:
Types of Annuities
Fees, Expenses and Bonuses
Sub Accounts

1035 Exchanges



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