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1035 Exchanges

This is the section of the tax code that permits switching from one annuity to another, without paying tax. Your funds, however, need to stay within annuities. You are not allowed to switch from an annuity to an insurance policy. Be careful when switching, to prevent a taxable event.  

Annuities are not a typical investment choice for young adults. However, every situation is different; remember that annuities are very long-term contracts. It’s important for the insurance carrier to be around to pay the benefits. Moody’s, Standard and Poor’s and A.M. Best are rating agencies that can provide information and ratings of the insurance carriers. Some of these annuities have interesting features and riders that can offer very good value. Keep in mind that most annuity contracts can be cancelled within a few days of making your deposit, with a full refund! Check with the company on its refund policy before buying.

As the baby boomers retire, possibly without pensions, and with small social security checks, they are looking for a steady cash flow stream from their savings. Annuities are the answer to their concerns and should become the next big investment trend.

Review the following topics for more information on annuities:
Types of Annuities
The Different Phases of an Annuity
Fees, Expenses and Bonuses
Sub Accounts


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