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Introduction to Fundamental Analysis Income Statement Analysis Balance Sheet Analysis Cash Flow Analysis Shareholders' Equity Analysis Ratios and Definitions

Fundamental Analysis

 The index below outlines Fundamental Analysis topics discussed.
Please click on the subject of interest to advance to the detail.

  Introduction to Fundamental Analysis
The Accounting Process
 - The Postulates and Principles of Accounting:
     * Postulates of Accounting
     * Principles of Accounting
 - The Financial Statements
     *  The Balance Sheet
     *  The Income Statement
     *  The Cash Flow Statement
     *  The Shareholders’ Equity Statement

Income Statement Analysis
 - Great companies and good EPS growth do not guarantee stock market profits
 - The P/E ratio can create buying opportunities

 - Mishaps can create steals
 - Unusual charges reduce the value of your stock
 - ROE is the single best tool for investors
 - ROA is another valuable tool
 - Investors pay for high profit margins
 - Lenders can eat up all the profits
 - Depreciation creates deferred taxes, which have equity-like qualities

 - EPS is a complicated calculation

Balance Sheet Analysis 
 - Leverage and financial strength affect share value
 - Liquidity concerns can decimate a business
 - Cash is critical, to a point
    * Window Dressing
    * Cash Gap
    * Cash per Share
    * Burn Rate
 - Marketable Securities
 - Receivables are interwoven with cash flow
    * Past Dues and Write-offs
    * Receivables turnover ratios
    * Securitizations
 - Inventory - focus on the profit margins
       * Perpetual vs. Periodic Inventory
        * Inventory Accounting Calculation
        * Inventory Costing Methods
        * Lower of Cost of Market
        * Inventory Categories
        * Inventory Turnover Ratios

 - Fixed assets are necessary in order to be a world class company
 - Liabilities with equity attributes are enriching
 - Emphasizing debt net of cash can be misleading
 - Book value is a tool to properly evaluate a stock
 - Off-balance sheet assets and liabilities are legal

Cash Flow Analysis
 - The effects of growth on cash flow and earnings
 - How free cash flow benefits investors
 - Don’t blame EBITDA for your losses
 - The borrowing base impacts cash flow and equity
 - The debt repayment schedule can predict a liquidity crisis

Shareholders’ Equity Analysis
 - Are the stockholders really owners?
 - Do you know where your equity dollars are?
 - How comprehensive income can affect stock values
 - Watch out for your Dividends
 - Stock splits, dividends and reverse splits
 - Spin-offs, tracking stocks and determining new cost basis
 - Stock rights give board of directors more power then they are entitled to

Ratios and Definitions
Market Price Analysis
 - Profitability Analysis
 - Liquidity Analysis
 - Cash Flow Analysis
 - Capital – Leverage Analysis
 - Activity Analysis


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