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Introduction to Fundamental Analysis

 - The Accounting Process
 -Postulates and Principles of

    * Postulates of Accounting
     * Principles of Accounting

The Financial Statements
   * The Balance Sheet
* The Income Statement
    * The Cash Flow Statement
    *  Shareholders' Equity


Postulates and Principles of Accounting

Let me be clear as to why the postulates and principles of accounting are addressed in a stock and money website.  Itís because investors can no longer take a passive role with their investments. Investors need to understand the finances of the companies in which they own stock. To accomplish this, they first need to understand the Rule Book.

The postulates and principles are the rules. Over the past few decades, the various regulatory bodies have adopted a cookbook approach towards accounting.  There are literally hundreds of pronouncements that need to be followed, and many are so large that they are published individually in paperback books.  In the current climate, there are only going to be more regulators, legislation, rules and fines; not less.  The government upped the ante and is holding managementís feet to the fire for errors and irregularities, devastating stock prices in the process. The one bright spot to this situation is that most of the accounting rules are based on a few simple principles. Investors at any level can understand the more complex transactions, if they understand the basic premises, postulates and principles used to create the financial statements.

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