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Getting Started

Getting Started

 - Introduction
 - Picking a Firm
 - Opening an Account
 - Types of Accounts
 - The Importance of Title
 - Placing an Order
 - Order Duration
 - The Entrance Fee





Order Duration

Day order – These are your buy or sell instructions. If not executed, they automatically expire at the end of the trading day. Day orders are not carried over into after hours trading or to the next trading day. Market orders are day orders.

Good-till-canceled – Buy or sell orders that remain in force until either cancelled by the investor or executed. Some firms limit the time period to a certain number of days (i.e. 60 days).

All-or-none – Orders that instruct the brokerage firm to either buy or sell your entire security order, or none of it.

Fill or kill – Orders that must be executed when sent to the exchange, otherwise they are canceled.

Do not reduce – Instructions to the broker not to reduce the limit price on a limited buy or sell stop order by the cash dividend on the record date. Normally, when a stock goes ex-dividend, the stock price is reduced by the amount of the dividend. Sometimes, however, that may not hold true.

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